Town Center Plan and Code,

City of McKinney, Texas


Implementing a Vibrant Vision for McKinney’s Historic Town Center

During her employment with Gateway Planning, Jay Narayana was the lead planner responsible for developing the implementing form-based code for McKinney’s Town Center. Building on the successful redevelopment of the Historic Courthouse Square, Phase II of McKinney’s Town Center Master Plan developed a series of key implementation tools including the creation of a town center tax-increment financing district, parking plan, and form-based code streamlining the development process.

The outcome was the creation of a Town Center form-based zoning district that implemented the vision and master plan for different neighborhoods within McKinney’s Town Center including the Historic Courthouse Square. The development standards for each neighborhood is distinct from the other neighborhoods and is structured to take advantage of its context. With the Historic Core around the courthouse, the emphasis is to preserve the existing historic fabric. With the Downtown Edge Zone, the goal is to encourage the redevelopment of underutilized parcels into mixed use development with a focus on adding urban residential uses. City Council unanimously accepted the form-based code and rezoned McKinney’s Town Center to the newly created district in April 2013.

LPC-McKinney TC FBC-rev july 2014

McKinney Town Center Plan and Code

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This project was undertaken with Gateway Planning as the prime firm. Images courtesy of Gateway Planning Group.