About Us

With over 18 years of public and private sector experience, Jay Narayana, AICP, Principal of Livable Plans & Codes, has worked on several award winning initiatives and specializes in:

  • Redevelopment plans for downtowns, station areas, corridors, and neighborhoods
  • Comprehensive Plans, Area Plans, and Sector Plans
  • Implementing development ordinances including zoning and form-based codes
  • Master Plans, Urban Design Plans, and Development Plans for walkable, mixed use
  • Land use analysis and feasibility studies

Our planning and coding work is based on a firm understanding of real estate market fundamentals that ensures that plans are implementable. As a principal of LPC and as a member of the Gateway Planning Team over the last 8 years, Ms. Narayana has led the development of several master plans and form-based codes including Downtown Owensboro, North Richland Hills TOD Plan and Code, Padre Boulevard Redevelopment Plan and Code, to name a few. In addition, Ms Narayana is an active member of the Form-Based Codes Institute’s Resource Council, Congress for the New Urbanism, and the Texas Chapter of the American Planning Association.