Camp Bowie Corridor Form-Based Code,

City of Fort Worth, Texas

Camp bowie redevelopment plan

Jay Narayana was the lead planner, while employed by Gateway Planning, responsible for the redevelopment plan and implementation framework for the Camp Bowie Corridor in Fort Worth, Texas. Focusing on the six miles of corridor south of I-30 to I-820, this initiative is being activated by a form-based code (FBC), primarily authored by Ms. Narayana, consistent with the City of Fort Worth’s Commercial Corridors Redevelopment Strategy.


Form-Based Code to Attract New Development

As the City of Fort Worth and the Camp Bowie Public Improvement District (PID) continue to invest in infrastructure and maintenance, they need to be able to better leverage private development. The FBC, together with the PID and City’s infrastructure program, will be the value capture vehicle by which public investment in transportation and other civic infrastructure is leveraged to increase the development potential of all properties along the corridor, thus increasing property values and tax revenues to the community. It will also create a compatible context to bring together adjacent neighborhood interests and market opportunities along the boulevard.


Unanimous Adoption

The redevelopment framework and the FBC establish seven distinct character zones along the corridor, each enforcing a set of context-sensitive development standards. The PID Board unanimously endorsed the creation of the FBC and rezoning of all the properties along the corridor under the newly created code. In October 2011, with no opposition, the Fort Worth City Council unanimously adopted the FBC and rezoned 6 miles of the corridor under the newly created code.

2012 TX APA Current Planning Award

This project was undertaken when Ms. Narayana was employed by Gateway Planning Group. Images courtesy of Gateway Planning Group., Inc.