CityLine TOD,

Richardson, Texas


The Project

Located at the intersection of two major regional highways in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex—George Bush Turnpike (PGBT) and Central Expressway (US 75)—the existing PGBT DART light rail station, regional trails, and the surrounding vacant property presented an opportunity for a new approach to Transit Oriented Development (TOD). Jay Narayana was a lead planner under Gateway Planning Group which was originally retained by the land owners (Bush/75 Partners) and subsequently by KDC Development to plan, design and entitle the project.

Focus on a “streamlined” regulatory strategy

The form-based code, originally adopted in 2010 has transformed this suburban location into a dynamic TOD that has been driven by market-forces rather than NIMBY politics. This initial momentum created the demand to expand the original form-based zoning in 2014 to include the property east of Plano Road for employment center and urban living uses. The original plan and strategy has driven this location to become a major employment and regional destination with State Farm locating its headquarters with 6,000 employees.

This project has won the 2011 NCTCOG CLIDE Award for Planning and Policy for Sustainable Development and the 2012 TX APA Current Planning Award.



This project was undertaken with Gateway Planning as the lead firm. Images courtesy of Gateway Planning and KDC.