Southlake 2025 Plan,


In 2004 – 05, the City of Southlake, a premier suburb in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, undertook an unprecedented update of the city’s comprehensive plan with the realization that the plan needs to be a better tool to guide growth and change of the city beyond just the Future Land Use Plan and Thoroughfare Plan maps.

Phase 1 of the plan established the overarching vision, goals and objectives, Phase 2 developed area plans with enough policy detail and guidance for property owners and decision makes based on the established vision. The final phase (Phase 3) consolidated the area plans to develop the actual Future Land Use, Thoroughfare, and other map elements of the comprehensive plan.

Ms. Jayashree Narayana, Principal of Livable Plans and Codes, was the planner that led this initiative during her employment with the city and was the primary author of the associated plan documents.

The Southlake 2025 Plan became the model for the recent update, the Southlake 2030 Plan. In addition, several elements of the Southlake 2025 Plan won several local and state planning awards.

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