Sector Plan Update,

City of Schertz, Texas


Jay Narayana, with project lead Gateway Planning, was the lead planner working with the the City of Schertz to develop sector plans for North, South and Downtown Schertz as updates to the city’s Comprehensive Plan.

Market Driven Plan Tied to Infrastructure and Regulatory Strategy Poised between I-10 and I-35, north of San Antonio, the city is planning on taking advantage of these major transportation corridors to proactively shape the future of the city. The Sector Plans are based on a realistic assessment of Schertz’s ability to attract more than its fair share of quality growth to the two major growth corridors.

A Collaborative Community Process These plan were developed through a collaborative process where city residents worked through three successful workshops to assemble their vision for the city, along with various stakeholders and landowners.The results from the workshop have been assembled into plans and associated regulatory changes in an effort to collective approach future development and infrastructure investments for the city. The Sector Plans were adopted by the City Council in Summer of 2013.

Schertz Sector Plan update

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This project was undertaken with Gateway Planning Group, Inc. as the prime firm. Images courtesy of Gateway Planning Group, Inc.