Downtown Plan,

City of Hutto, Texas


During her employment with Gateway Planning, Jay Narayana was the planner responsible for supporting the development of the Heart of Hutto Old Town Master Plan and its implementation through a careful calibration of the SmartCode. The team, working under ERO Architects, was tasked with developing a market-based plan and implementation strategy that built on balancing Hutto's significant historic resources such as the large City-owned Cooperative (Co-op) Site and silo structures, historic storefronts on East Street, and Fritz Park with its rapid growth as a suburb in the Austin metropolitan area. The Heart of Hutto Old Town Master Plan provides a unified Vision for the community of Hutto and established the regulatory framework, through the specific calibration of the SmartCode, to enable a predictable method of future development over the next 50 years. The Old Town Master Plan proposes recommendations that will guide future investment and development within the original 1911 incorporated area of the city in order to assure that the city of Hutto can maintain the qualities and characteristics unique to Hutto while also creating a downtown district that is vibrant, desirable, sustainable, and poised for success.

Hutto Old Town MasterPlan

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This project was undertaken with ERO as the prime firm. Images courtesy of ERO/Gateway Planning Group, Inc.