Oak Street Plan and Code,

City of Roanoke, Texas

Implementing a Vibrant Vision for Roanoke’s Oak Street

During her employment with Gateway Planning, Jay Narayana was the planner responsible for supporting theimplementation of the redevelopment plan for Oak Street, amending the Oak Street form-based code to includethe transition to the adjoining highway and neighborhoods, and reviewing development for consistency with the adopted downtown regulations.

Since 2007, Jay Narayana has supported the preparation of final design for the implementation of the Oak Street streetscape infrastructure and worked with developers and property owners who propose projects on Oak Street to ensure successful follow-through of the vision.

Over the past several years since the completion of Oak Street, downtown has seen the redevelopment of several buildings and the development of over 6 new buildings. Almost a dozen new restaurants have opened with great fanfare, resulting in Roanoke’s rebranding as the “Unique Dining Capital of Texas.”



This project was undertaken with Gateway Planning as the prime firm. Images courtesy of Gateway Planning Group.